Pickit M2 Mobile Printer

Pickit M2 Mobile Printer

I liked this product a lot, and made a video to illustrate the quality.

As you can see in this video, this is a compact mobile printer that operates right from your Smartphone. You can see in the video the original photo, as well as the printed copy. I printed a sample photo via a Wifi network, from my Android Samsung. The printer creates a local Wifi network, which is easily seen and connected.

I should also mention that the supplier responded quickly to a few technical questions I had. Good to know that one will receive such excellent customer service.


  • Compact, simple design with just one button--the On/Off button.
  • Just one port--the USB charging port.
  • Quality of printing was very good--not perfect, but fine for the size of this printer.
  • App downloads and installs easily.
  • Product comes with small set of paper (8 sheets)
  • Printing a photo is simple--use the app to select a photo, edit if desired, then just select "Print"
  • Very quiet operation/no odors that I could detect.
  • Photo seems to dry immediately and is laminated, so fingerprint proof.
  • Size of printout: 2.1x3.4 inches credit card sized photos
  • The product comes with an information card, listing a website for further information and assistance.

CON: (nitpicks)

  • I thought the User Guide depiction of the printing cartridge was confusing. It mentions a "handle," but you first need to slide a little cover on the side to expose the cartridge inside. This is completely obvious to me now, but not so as a new user.
  • The product page suggests the photos are "sticky-backed" but actually the cartridge included does not have that type of paper. That was confusing to me, as I kept trying to "peel" the back of the photo.
  • The network Wifi connection seems a little tempermental, but was easily re-established.
  • The price of the replacement cartridges may be a negative for some users.
  • I cannot see whether there is a warranty or not. I suspect there is, but neither the product page or the User Guide mention a warranty. It would be good to have warranty information at hand.

So all in all, I thought this was a excellent product that worked as advertised. The quality of the printing is very good for such a small printer. My criticism above are really pretty minor, and mostly a matter of better documentation of the product. If you need a mobile color printer, I think you will be pleased with this product.

Here is a current listing for the cartridges: Pickit 2.1 x 3.4 Inch Photo Cartridge - Compatible with Pickit Photo Printer (30 Sheets). Users will have to decide whether the price (about 40 cents per printing) is a good value or not.

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