Top Tips For Your Sondors Ebike

Top Tips For Your Sondors Ebike

I purchased a Sondors E-Bike, "Fatty" last year.  This bike has proven to be one my best purchases. It is a complete blast to ride! After riding it many times, I have some suggestions:

1. Install Tire Liners on Both Wheels


I purchased the "Mr Tuffy" brand online. They are not cheap, but if they save me just 1 flat, it's worth it. 

Other riders prefer to use the "Slime" anti-puncture product.



2. Buy the LCD

I got mine at Luna Cycle. (I also bought the 24 amp controller.) It is not very difficult to install, and the extra options improve your ride. The LCD is probably the #1 most recommended accessory--and for good reason.

The top LCD features are:

  • Settable max speed
  • Cruise Control
  • More precise battery level
  • Adjustable pedal assist
  • Odometer
  • Historical speed information (i.e., max speed achieved.

3. Install a rack and pack. 

These are easy to install, and with the pack you can stored all kinds of helpful gear. If I get a spare battery, it will fit fine in the pack.

4. Watch Out for Chasing Dogs!

We have a border collie who is definitely attracted to cars or other objects making "whirring" noices. To my dismay, on a recent ride, I learned that some dogs treat an E-Bike just like a car.  That is, they lunge toward the street when you go by. These aren't necessarily vicious dogs--they just love to chase cars and Sondors E-bikes!  I did not have an accident, but I was quite startled, and said some bad words.

5. Install a Protective Bracket Over the Rear Hub

I was warned about this weak point, and I installed an inexpensive bracket shortly after purchase. You can see in the photo here, that it's really just a small steel flange that attaches over the rear hub.

6. Join a Sondors Discussion Group

There are several excellent groups on Facebook. In fact, the members there helped me write this article.  In addition, sondors company itself provides a good discussion forum.

7. Be Careful of "Home-Grown" Bargain Batteries

There are many battery options to choose from. Just keep in mind that a new "tricky" battery may not have been throughly tested. There have been numerous cases of Lithium Ion battery fires--including some that burned up an E-Bike. Look especially for batteries that include a "thermal management system."

8. Recognize the Greater Weight of an E-bike

A Sondors E-bike is much heavier than a road bike or hybrid. So, if you are used to lifing your road bike for storage or transport, be careful!  It would be very easy to hurt your back. With my hybrid bike I just take off the front wheel, and lay the bike in the back (seats fold down.) Even if my E-Bike fit, I would have to assume an awkward position to do the same thing with my Sondors Fatty.

If you plan to use a hitch-mount carrier, be sure to check the weight capacity of the carrier.

9. The Range Depends on You

If you want to have the E-Bike do all the work for you, I doubt you will get anywhere close to the 20-mile advertised range. I change the pedal "Assist Level" to a setting that gives me substantial assist, but I still contribute.

10. Try Biking in a Group

Sondors owners are some of the nicest people around, as you can see here.

Bonus Tip: Get a Lock!

A Sondors Ebike is an attractive item for thieves. Register your serial number (front, top of head stem) with police. Some owners have even added GPS trackers to their bikes.

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