Product Review: UFO Voyager FPV Hexacopter RC Drone

Product Review: UFO Voyager FPV Hexacopter RC Drone


This drone is a little different than other drones, as it includes an LCD screen, which continually shows output from the drone camera. By just clicking a button, you can begin recording video or taking snapshots.

I found this product easy to use, with just occasional refeference to the instructions. Perhaps the most difficult part was figuring out how to install the drone battery. Finally, I saw that you slide a door, which reveals the battery compartment. Perhaps the door was just a bit sticky at first.  After that, it was easy to remove/install the battery.

Taking Video and Snapshots

The product comes with a single microSD card.  You insert this into the drone camera, and you are ready to go!  After the drone takes off, it's simple to start recording video, or take snapshots from the drone camera. After you're done flying, you can transfer the files from the SD card to your computer, or put the SD card in the controller to review the video/photos.

Sample Video from Drone

Video Demo


  • Very well written User Guide. Well-illustrated, clear instructions.
  • Easy to insert battery (supplied) into the controller.
  • Quick pairing of the drone with the controller.  Took just a few seconds.
  • Controls are easy to use. Each button is identified in the User Guide.


Set includes spare blades, microSD card, and all charging cables.


To operate the drone in "headless" mode, you press down on the right control stick. Then, the drone lights start flashing, indicating you are in headless mode. 

To test the headless mode, I started the drone, then situated myself to the rear of the drone.  Then, I depressed the right control stick, thereby activating headless mode.  To see how well it worked, I deliberate spun the drone around, so that it wasn't facing away from me.  Sure enough, when I moved the right control stick left and right, the drone correctly moved left and right. This proved that the headless mode indeed worked correctly.

CON (Nitpicks)

  • Really need a spare battery for the drone.  I was able to operate for perhaps 15 minutes before the controller started beeping, warning me of low drone battery.
  • Althought there are trim adjustments, I could not get the trim quite perfectly adjusted. That is, it always tended to drift a little to one side, no matter how finely I tried to trim it perfectly.
  • Price: For the privilege of having the LCD controller, you will pay a bit of a premium. If you are willing to use your own smartphone, you can get a set quite a bit cheaper.  To be fair, the LCD display really worked well.


All in all, I found this to be an excellent product. My criticisms above are very minor.  The product worked quite well. I especially appreciate the well-written User Guide.

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