LOUECHY "Mouber" Men's Trail Shoes

LOUECHY "Mouber" Men's Trail Shoes


These hiking shoes are attractive shoes, featuring many ventilation panels. I found these shoes to be quite comfortable.  I've been wearing them around town and to work for a few days, and they still fit well.


I ordered size 44, which on their chart corresponds.  In my case, size 44 is a tad big, which was a pleasant surprise.  I found the shoe to be on the wide side--also a pleasant surprise.   The wide style of these shoes fit me well.


The sole of the shoe has colorful ridges, which provide plenty of grip. I never once slipped or lost traction whilst wearing these shoes.

The eyelets feature both "cleat" and "ring" style loops.

Minor Nits

Some slight quality issues

One minor criticism about the interior lining.  On the left shoe, the lining is not fastened down well. Also, the uppers are quite flexible, probably due to the many ventilation panels.  This means that the shoes do not hold your foot as securely as otherwise.  Probably not an issue unless you are on a challenging hike.


So all in all, I liked these shoes.  The price is very reasonable--in fact, less than half the price of name brand hiking shoes.

You can see this product on Amazon:  LOUECHY SHOES


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