Filming the Yelp Elite "YES!" Campaign 2018

Filming the Yelp Elite "YES!" Campaign 2018

Good Memories at Yelp HQ


I just returned from a fantastic 3 days in San Francisco, shooting a promo video for Yelp. The purpose of this video is to get the word out about Yelp "Elite." Of course, most people have heard about Yelp, or have even written some reviews.  But what in the world is "Yelp Elite?"

Yelp Elite Squad

The "Elite Squad" is a group of reviewers who have nominated themselves, or been nominated by another user, then vetted by the National Elite Squad Committee. They are people from all walks of life, who have a record of posting solid, informative reviews. They use real names and photos on their profiles.

A Yelp Elite is someone who can be trusted.

I had a blast working with Yelp on this project. I have never seen such a creative bunch of people all in one place. It was a real honor to rub shoulders with skilled pros who are experts in creating powerful, informative content.

It was a lot of hard work, however.  A lot harder than my day job!  Yet somehow, I managed to take in those wonderful dinners and the stay at a modern hotel in the center of San Francisco.



Yelp set up the shoot at their studio in San Francisco. What a production!  While I can't reveal details of the actual shoot, it required a big production team, with multiple directors, producers, hair and makeup stylists, writers, artistic directors, wardrobe experts, lighting experts, cameramen--you name it. 

It takes a lot of people to produce a high-quality video.  And even after the shoot, the work is far from over. There are video and audio editors that have to do their magic.

Yelp management also arranged for fantastic dinners in the city for us.  They also put us up at the "Axiom" in downtown. The Axiom is a modern hotel with smallish room, but lots of high-tech features.  My favorite amenity was "Astro" the delivery robot.


It was a lot of fun meeting some of the Yelp "Community Managers" from different parts of the U.S. Our liaison was Scotty, a Senior "CM" from Charleston. Scotty made sure we got to where we needed to be, and accompanied us to all the tasty dinners. Gabi, a Yelp V.P., organized everything and took great care of us Yelpers. There were lots of other people involved as well, making our stay in the city exciting, yet comfortable.

The details of the shoot are still secret.  But watch for the Yelp Elite "YES" postings in September or October.

The Winning Video

There were three Yelp Elites selected, based on their video submittals.  Besides myself, there was Roger K. and Korrie K.

Here is my winning video for "YES!" 2018

YES! Campaign 2018

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