The Whispering Room by Dean Koontz

The Whispering Room by Dean Koontz

She was meant to act, to fight, as long as she remembered for what she was fighting.

I did not think it possible that Dean Koontz could ever come close to what he achieved in the "Odd Thomas" novels. The first Jane Hawk book was good, to be sure--but perhaps not as intense--not as deep, not as moving, as the "Odd Thomas" series. Perhaps, I thought, there is NO Dean Koontz book that can again reach that threshold.

After finishing this book, now I am not so sure. 

In THE WHISPERING ROOM Dean Koontz continues the saga of Jane Hawk, rogue F.B.I agent. When we last saw Jane, she had just killed a key member of a diabolical conspiracy to purify the human race. The conspiracy was using organic "bots" to spread through the brain, and take control of the unwitting hosts.

In book 1, Jane was able to take out a few members of the conspiracy, but the top guy is still out there. In Book 2, Jane Hawk needs help. The problem is, who is on her side, and who is already controlled by the evil bots? If she makes the wrong decision, she will be eliminated or even worse--turned into a mindless drone.

More mature readers might recall from the 70's how the aliens of The Invaders could be spotted--those poor aliens had a badly designed finger. For Jane Hawk, however, there are no aliens-with-bad-fingers wandering around. If the bots take you over, you look the same, but can be commanded to act swiftly and deadly.

And by the way--there's this funny thing called the "Whispering Room."  What in the world is that? Jane Hawk is about to find out.

THE WHISPERING ROOM reminds me a lot of the "24" TV show. Jane Hawk, just like her 24 counterpart, becomes a rogue agent, intent upon avenging her husband's murder. She's tough and ruthless against the bad guys.

All in all, I found THE WHISPERING ROOM to be an exciting read, and one that surprised me. I marvel at how Dean Koontz transformed the story, pulling the reader further and further into the action.

Finally, the very last chapter, 37, is a work of art.  I read and re-read the final words of this book. Chapter 37 is the mark of a true master of words.  You will have to see for yourself.


The Whispering Room (Jane Hawk #2) by Dean Koontz

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