The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success by DeVon Franklin

The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success by DeVon Franklin

We Were Created To Give Praise, Not Receive It

I’m glad I read this book. THE HOLLYWOOD COMMANDMENTS is an amazing book, in several ways. DeVon Franklin credits Hollywood with teaching him more about life and success than the church did!  “In twenty years in the entertainment business, I’ve learned some of the most surprising and important lessons about God’s intention for our success. Those lessons have enabled me to build an amazing life and thriving career that glorifies God…”

DeVon’s ideas are credible because he has achieved great success in a field that seems hostile to the core beliefs of Christianity. How can this be?  DeVon gives us the answer: The power of God is not somehow obstructed at the gates of Hollywood: “God’s Power Doesn’t Stop At The Gates Of Hollywood.”

The author is not so much concerned with helping people make a boatload of money, as he is in helping people use their talents: “What I care about is seeing you live out your God-given purpose in this life, walk in your calling, and unleash the full power of your gifts.”

THE HOLLYWOOD COMMANDMENTS is NOT a how-to book, or recipe for getting rich; that is NOT the objective:

“If your goal is to get the house of a lifetime, the car of your dreams, or more money than you know how to handle, this book is not for you!”

The book has tons of good career tips, which the author has summarized under 10 “Commandments:”  To give you an idea of how the book is organized, I recommend reading the “Reader Guide” near the very end of the book FIRST.  If you read that section first, it gives you a good overview of the main points of the book.  Then, you will understand where the book is going.  (Or, you might decide this book is not for you, and you won’t waste any more time.) 

Here are the 10 Hollywood Comandments:

1. Your Prayers Alone Aren’t Enough
2. You Are the Talent
3. You Have to Carry a Crown Before You Can Wear One
4. You Have to Know the Rules to Play the Game
5. Your Gut Is Hiding God
6. You Get What You Negotiate (Not What You’re Worth)
7. You Must Master the Walk of Fame
8. Your Difference Is Your Destiny
9. Your Amnesia Is an Asset
10. Your World Is Smaller Than You Think

If you are a Christian believer, you will appreciate (and understand) many of the ideas, which are often tied to Biblical passages, both Old and New Testament.  The general theme of the book is to use your God-given talents to the best extent possible.  God has created you as an extraordinary person, with unique talents.  So get busy using those gifts! 

“God gifts us each with unique talents and calls us to use them to fulfill some part of His purpose.”

I thought one of the most useful chapters was Chapter 6, You Get What You Negotiate (Not What You’re Worth.) Here, the author explains the principles of negotiation.  Remember, the company won’t pay you more than it has to: 

“We assume that the company will do right by us. But it doesn’t work like that. The company’s first interest is to do right by the company. . .If they can get you to settle for a dollar less than you ask for, they will.”

So all in all, I found THE HOLLYWOOD COMMANDMENTS to be an inspiring, practical book.  I found the life and business lessons to be sound. The book concludes with a sobering caution about chasing after wealth: 

“There is nothing in this world worth compromising your soul.”

DeVon reminds us that success in God’s eyes is not about getting a boatload of cash.  It’s about serving.  I thought this one passage summed up the book’s message:

“We were created because God wants us to serve a designated role in the world. That’s a thrilling idea: that you and I have been asked to play a role in the work of the Creator.”

The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success by DeVon Franklin

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