Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time by Jamie C. Martin

GIVE YOUR CHILD THE WORLD is a way to help your family learn a lot more about the world. The authors have a fun family with children adopted from around the world. In this book, the Martins share some of their ideas for getting a broader perspective.

The recommended books are divided into broad regional categories, and then classified by age group.

As an example of one fun story, check out "Two of Everything," which is a story from China. This is in the section, "Asian Books for Ages 4-6." Here's the plot: Mr. Haktak finds a magical pot in his garden. When they put something in the pot, out comes TWO. Yea! A magic pot! But then, Mrs. Haktak falls into the pot herself!

Scattered throughout the book are tips/sidebars called, "GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE." These sidebars are suggestions from other folks, on ways their family has discovered more about world culture.

All in all, I found GIVE YOUR CHILD THE WORLD an inspiration. Honestly, I had not thought about all these wonderful books listed here.

And, I'm definitely going to find out what happened to Mrs. Haktak, who fell into the magic pot.

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